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So when the stars are finally aligned — you've cleared your calendars, you've found someone not featured on to look after the kids — you want the evening to be perfect, which practically begs for a Murphy's law moment. You can lay the foundation for lots of fun nights out (or in) by following these simple save the date guidelines.

This isn't about planning the perfect evening; it's about having time with the person you love so you can rediscover, talk, laugh, and enjoy each other. You'd think by the time you're a couple, and possibly have a child or three under your belt, you'd be able to handle the intricacies of going out for the night with your man.After all, that was part of the allure of going from "me" to "we": You were finally able to leave the whole dating game and its so-called rules behind.But dating for long-term couples comes with its own new his and her matching set of pressures, especially when kids are in the picture.You no longer have the time to make sure you have five minutes together without interruption, let alone set aside an entire evening to dote on each other.Here, 43 ways to do just that: Upgrade the Saturday night standard with these tips: Turn your night into a mini-vacation by matching the menu to the movie: Kung fu action flick?

Order some spicy noodles at your local Chinese restaurant.

Only single people can attend, whether you are married or not, you don't need a partner. Decompress from the daily stresses as you sip champagne and cocktails while lounging and flirting with new friends.

We create intimate spaces for those who like dancing or lounging and a more open setting for exhibitionists to indulge, from women who want to explore their desires together, from the sensual and sublime to the intense and erotic, our settings allow the greatest degree of sexy play with a complete sense of safety.

Venues are mostly in Bedfordview, Sandton, Midrand and Pretoria. The venues we choose for our Members are designed for those who seek an upscale, fun sexy experience.

We have been hosting for so long that we like to think we are skilled at making the newest guests feel like longtime Members in a comfortabe circle of friends, we are known to quickly break the ice and ignite a sensual heat in a room.

Some parties are free of charge, others do bear a cost which we split, this covers entertainment, accommodation, drinks, food, etc.

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