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And since it’s so personal, you would obviously want to be sure you can trust them. And if it’s working out, and mutual, you respect boundaries and tell them. Taking things slow could actually be a valuable lesson gained from a herpes diagnosis.

Some people use a hard and fast rule that you should tell by the third date.When you’re coming to terms with herpes, it’s natural to think about how it will affect your love life.Maybe you have had it for some time and are dating again, or, if you’re lucky, have already met someone you like. But it’s not impossible, and it’s not some disaster waiting to happen.But eventually, you have to figure out how to tell someone you have herpes. It all lies in: If you haven’t gotten that far yet, don’t worry. Perhaps some of the tips here will even reassure you, yourself. If you have accepted and come to terms with your diagnosis, that makes it a lot easier. This attitude can be incredibly reassuring to your love interest. You are human and this will help the person to understand and empathize with you. After all, everyone comes with baggage, and a lot of them are still great catches.If you comfortable with yourself, that will come across too — your nerves or insecurity could make them nervous. When dating, remember that you’re allowed to use this time to consider whether you are interested in them, too.I believe it should be sometime before you are thinking about being exclusive or before the other person is too emotionally invested.

They should like you and be interested first, but not so deep in that it could crush them if they can’t take the risk.

(And obviously, before clothes are coming off.) Okay.

So you’re calm, in neutral circumstances, and ready to break the news.

Do open by letting them know that you respect them, have been enjoying your time together, and have something you want them to know, even if it might be a little awkward.

Don’t say you have “terrible news.” And you don’t have to use the blunt, “I have herpes”, either.

Although some people have certainly taken that route!

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